Cloud Vault

  • Automated and simplified cloud data backup services for businesses of all sizes

    XO Cloud Vault offers you a highly secure, enterprise-grade cloud solution that enables you to recover data quickly—and makes the most efficient use of your backup environment. Replicate data from the XO Enterprise Cloud platform as well as from premise-based servers and desktops. An intelligent backup design provides compression, encryption and copy of only those documents, emails and databases that have changed since the most recent backup across the following platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac, Solaris and FreeBSD. To restore, the virtual design allows users to simply point and click to refresh files to a single point in time, streamlining and automating disaster recovery/business continuity for businesses of all sizes.

  • Which Solution is Right for You?

    Let our experts create a custom solution to meet your business needs.


  • Features

    • Flexible backup schedule includes continuous, every few hours, by day and time, incremental and multiple full backups
    • Powerful compression algorithms reduce bandwidth usage
    • Support Microsoft Exchange server, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL SharePoint, etc
    • Support Mapped Network Drives and external USB drives
    • Block level incremental backups with options to configure multiple full backups
    • User configured (up to 448 bit) encryption key guarantees data privacy and facilitates compliance with regulatory requirements
    • Virtually unlimited versioning with advanced data retention policies
    • Comprehensive reports & dashboards with email notification options
    • Bandwidth throttling
    • Automatic updates of agent and plugin software

    Operating System Support

    • Windows desktop (Vista and above) & servers (Windows 2003 and above)
    • All common flavors of Linux
    • Mac OS X 10.x
    • FreeBSD 5.4 and above