• Having a steady and secure business network is essential to any type of business. XO Communications can ensure that the network services for your Denver company are always working. We achieve our reliability through our award-winning nationwide network that is wholly owned.

    XO's Denver Service Options

    Denver companies can take advantage of the variety of services we offer for networking and communications. All of our services are within the wide range of our reliable nationwide network. We offer the following services:

    Voice and Data Bundled

    XO offers voice and data in a convenient bundle package. We made it easy to combine these two services, so you could skip the hassles and enjoy our communications in a format that you can scale to fit your personalized needs.

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    Solutions in the Cloud

    When you utilize the cloud, you gain many benefits. You can take advantage of the flexibility the cloud offers, with the ability to work on the move and across multiple devices. It also helps you manage business data better with everything in one place and easy access to it.

    XO Communications provides IT infrastructure, hosted PBX, backup and security solutions in the cloud.

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    Access to the Internet

    XO provides business-level Internet service through a dedicated port. Our Dedicated Internet Access gives you the choice of speed, data and bandwidth, which goes up to 100 Gbps.

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    Business Ethernet Service

    XO Communications helps you share high-speed Internet, data and applications safely between your various locations with our Ethernet services.

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    MPLS and VPLS Services

    You can have an efficient, secure and economical network with MPLS IP-VPN service from XO Communications.

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    Communications and Networking Services to Fit Your Business

    XO Communications offers a wide variety of services that can improve the networking and communications of your business, no matter what type of industry you are in.

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    How Our Company Will Help Yours

    XO shares our expertise in communications and networks with your business. We offer our award-winning, secure and private nationwide network with high speeds to serve your Denver business. We can offer great coverage, scalability and capacity through our networks and wireless abilities. 

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    Interested in Our Network Coverage?
    The XO Communications IP network gives you scalability and advanced IP services. It includes numerous 10 gigabit (Gbps) circuits. Our network provides security and steadiness. We can stop problems with our connections going end to end across our facilities and without one IP point of failure. You can rely on our network coverage. Contact us if you would like to learn more about our network.
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  • Revving Up to Compete: XO Communications MPLS-enabled WAN and Kawasaki Motors Corp. U.S.A.

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  • Curious about our network coverage?

    The core of the XO IP network is a mesh of multiple 10 Gigabit (Gbps) circuits, connecting XO network nodes, peering POPs and XO Data Centers nationwide. The XO IP backbone runs across its own intercity fiber facilities, supported by terabit-capable core routing platforms and high-capacity peering interconnections. XO offers Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) and IP Transit customers enhanced Internet connectivity. This network design delivers maximum end-to-end throughput as well as high levels of protection, redundancy, and Quality of Service required to support XO Voice over IP services

    The XO IP network utilizes an advanced IP design, ensuring scalability as well as the ability to offer advanced future IP services plus the added benefit of no single IP point of failure past the customers' access port

    And since the XO IP network and market connections run end-to-end across XO facilities, XO can quickly resolve any problems that may occur; which eliminates many of the common failure points found in older network designs.

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