Applications Performance Management

  • Maximize the Value of Your WAN with Tools for Network, Application, VoIP Visibility

    Improve your total cost of ownership by more efficiently using your existing infrastructure, control your network and applications across the enterprise, and take full advantage of your Wide Area Network (WAN) investments at every location with Applications Performance Management from XO. XO’s Applications Performance Management offers a powerful suite of tools that are designed to give you unparalleled visibility into network, applications and Voice over IP (VoIP) performance across your XO Dedicated Internet Access (DIA), XO MPLS IP-VPN, XO IP Flex with VPN or XO Enterprise SIP services.

    With XO Applications Performance Management, you get the real-time and historic insights necessary to overcome network challenges. Our secure, centralized web interface lets you access network information anytime and from any location—that means you can receive immediate warnings of abnormal traffic or usage patterns so you can quickly restore operations if there is an outage or security threat, and view easy-to-grasp visual representations of network activities and trends, allowing you to further optimize your corporate network. Quickly pinpoint whether an issue is in the network or in the application, monitor bandwidth use, classify and route traffic according to the importance of each application, see how fast data delivers by Class of Service at every location, and plan network upgrades and new applications—all with XO’s Applications Performance Management tools.

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  • XO Applications Performance Management Tiers of Service

    Perfect if you are new to MPLS IP-VPN and are classifying your traffic by Class of Service for the first time. Tier 1 gives you an overall snapshot of what is happening where in the network, including any changes to your circuit, port or physical layer. It also measures delivery against your Class of Service settings in the private IP environment. Special monitoring and troubleshooting features help you isolate any issues between the network and your applications.


    • Live network-wide views that show physical access type, port, and circuit
    • Real-time display of network conditions and applications, including the physical IP layer to the application IP layer
    • Live analysis of service level metrics
      • Packet delay
      • Delivery ratio
      • Jitter
      • Availability
    • End-to-end performance analysis of every XO Class of Service
      • Shows bandwidth use throughput by the top ten applications
      • Shows top five users or hosts
    • Real-time troubleshooting with proactive network alarms
    • Ability to track the fastest growing sites in your network
    • Reports-on-demand, provided in different views
      • Includes up to 1-year historical data

    Ideal if you want a greater level of detail about every aspect of business-critical applications-like the ability to investigate subtle problems including protocol violations, incorrect configurations, or network timeouts by individual location and user. Tier 2 builds upon all of the advantages of Tier 1 and adds a versatile applications management dashboard. The applications performance analysis lets you see precisely what applications are running over your network and the extent of their use. Tier 2 also includes a powerful protocol analyzer with sniffer capabilities.


    Includes all APM Tier 1 features plus:

    Traffic Compatibility

    • Remote access to a distributed Protocol Analyzer
    • 7-layer protocol decodes
    • Filtering and export capabilities

    Application Performance Analysis

    • Auto-discovery of applications, servers and users
    • Application and server performance
    • Monitor and troubleshoot individual application sessions
    • Track rogue application usage
    • Threshold alarming for applications and servers
    • Correlates network and application performance
    • One year of historical trending reports

    The best fit if your organization is planning to introduce, or is already using, VoIP. Includes all of the functionality of Tiers 1 and 2, plus extensive VoIP performance analysis.


    Includes all APM Tier 1 and Tier 2 features plus:

    VoIP Performance Troubleshooting

    • Auto-discovery of VoIP calls, Call Managers and handsets
    • Per-call performance analysis, including minutes of Jitter and MOS
    • Detailed VoIP call lists including minutes of use
    • Monitor VoIP call perform in real-time and historically

    VoIP Performance Trending

    • Long-term VoIP performance reports
    • One year of historical trending reports
    • Track VoIP performance by site
    • VoIP call quality trending over days, weeks, and months
    • VoIP consulting reports for network readiness assessments