• Outsource the Time-Consuming Management of Network Hardware 

    XO's Managed Services provides end-to-end network management services ranging from onboarding, tech design, configuration, installation to monitoring/management. We can help you get faster, better, and more nimble.  

    Together, let’s figure out what works for you and how we can take your business where it needs to go. And as your business grows, we'll find the solutions to fuel your journey.

    Surging demands for enhanced IP and Data applications are straining the performance of business networks as well as the IT professionals who manage them. You may not have the time to manage, monitor, and maintain equipment related to your network, or to troubleshoot issues related to performance degradation. Or, you may have special needs for network sourcing of custom hardware and configurations to support a complex implementation.

    XO Managed Services is the ideal solution to help you boost network performance, accommodate complex network configurations, respond quickly to network events, and achieve greater visibility and control over infrastructure across your managed WAN. Count on XO Managed Services to improve your organization’s network operations, capacity planning, and the cost efficiency of your XO MPLS IP-VPN, IP Flex with VPN, or Enterprise SIP service.

    Key Features

    • Management of Your Network Hardware—XO will manage your routers, switches, etc. including installation, configuration, monitoring and management as part of this solution.
    • Broadband Failover Configuration—To ensure consistent availability of your network, XO can provide failover from our XO IP-VPN network to alternative broadband internet connections.
    • Management of Hardware on Other Service Provider Networks—If you have some network hardware that is inter-connected to other multiple communication service provider networks, including XO, we can manage it for you. 
    Managed Services Benefits

    With XO Managed Services, you outsource the time-consuming, technical aspects of maintaining your global network to:

    • Reduce unexpected downtime and performance issues 
    • Lower your upfront capital investments and maintenance expenses
    • Predict ongoing network maintenance costs over time
    • Expand your visibility and oversight of configurations and performance reports
    • Gain support for a range of network router options
    • Free up your time to concentrate on the core focus of your business

    XO Managed Services includes the high tech engineering expertise of the XO Managed Services Team to handle the installation, configuration, and ongoing monitoring and management of your network hardware, as well as dedicated 24/7 support.

  • Which Solution is Right for You?

    Let our experts create a custom solution to meet your business needs.