• Privately and securely transfer sensitive data between business locations with Private Line Services from XO Communications.

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  • XO Private Line provides high-speed, dedicated point-to-point connections that let you securely transfer private and time-sensitive communications between locations whether across town or across the country.

  • Fixed Broadband Wireless Access service from XO lets your business connect directly to the XO nationwide fiber network without the time or cost of deploying fiber. The service can function as your primary high speed network connection or as a redundancy solution for your existing network.

  • If you’re looking for a solution that can handle your private data networking needs, or are exploring your options for transmitting data between your nationwide and international business locations, consider Ethernet Private Line Service from XO. Our Ethernet Private Line services let you transfer private, mission-critical data across your businesses at speeds up to 100 Gpbs, without sacrificing security.

  • Securely transmit time-sensitive and business-critical applications among your locations using high-capacity, low-latency Private Line and Wavelength services from XO Communications.