• Connect all of your locations, privately and securely, with Wide Area Networking services from XO.

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  • Get the performance, visibility and security you need to power your access to AWS at all Direct Connect locations in North America with XO Communication’s high-speed connectivity options of from 50 Mbps up to 10 Gbps.

  • As you expand your cloud architectures using public, private and hybrid cloud solutions, we understand that you have pressing needs for the network to automatically accommodate fluctuating bandwidth demand and spikes in traffic. XO Bandwidth-on-Demand is a wide area networking feature that helps you improve the availability and performance of cloud applications, and optimize wide area networks to enable cloud services.

  • XO MPLS IP-VPN service helps you simplify network management and get more bandwidth for the dollar by improving the performance of your applications. Get secure, private networking communications that let you confidently connect with your locations across town or around the globe.

  • Combine the performance and resiliency of MPLS IP-VPN with the privacy of Frame Relay/Private Line and the affordability of Ethernet.

  • Connect business locations and streamline network management with XO Ethernet Hub service. XO Ethernet Hub service lets you spread Ethernet connectivity to each of your locations while maintaining a single, centralized point of management. With dedicated bandwidth and the ability to segregate different types of traffic on a single network, you get unparalleled convenience and superior service.

  • Make better use of your existing infrastructure, take full advantage of your WAN investments across locations and control your network and applications across the enterprise with Applications Performance Management tools from XO Communications.