• Simplify Your Access to the Cloud with Bandwidth that Scales Automatically

    Eliminate having to provision network connectivity, circuit by circuit—as well as the frustrating, high cost approach of overbuying bandwidth to accommodate rare spikes in bandwidth needs.
    Today’s IT and network managers deserve a more sensible approach to help manage network capacity for multi-cloud environments.

    As you expand your cloud architectures using public, private and hybrid cloud solutions, we understand that you have pressing needs for the network to automatically accommodate fluctuating bandwidth demand and spikes in traffic. XO Bandwidth-on-Demand is a wide area networking feature that helps you improve the availability and performance of cloud applications, and optimize wide area networks to enable cloud services.

    XO Bandwidth-on-Demand allows your network to automatically scale to accommodate bandwidth demand via a usage based approach for XO MPLS IP-VPN and XO VPLS wide area networking services. Use it to create powerful cloud computing and data center strategic solutions.

  • With XO Bandwidth on Demand, you'll be able to:

    • Gain scalable, cost effective, high-speed connections with automatic, burstable bandwidth
    • Directly connect to one or more cloud providers
    • Interconnect data centers with flexible bandwidth
    • Eliminate the need to buy over-the-top bandwidth as a safeguard against spikes and surges in your network
    • Maximize your investments in the cloud

    With the XO Bandwidth-on-Demand capability, you simply commit to a minimal amount of bandwidth that you need on an average monthly basis. Should your network usage rise above the committed level, the XO network connection automatically expands to accommodate the extra traffic, without the need to pre-schedule bandwidth bursting. Bandwidth-on-Demand also maintains your network Quality of Service (QoS) settings to ensure better performance.

    Now you can get direct network connections to the cloud that will accommodate fluctuating usage in an efficient, secure, and cost-effective manner. With XO Bandwidth-on-Demand, you can move at the speed of today’s business – using the fastest network on-ramps to support your organization’s multi-cloud strategies. 

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