• Increase Your Network Performance & Efficiencies with XO MPLS IP-VPN

    Improve application performance, reduce operating costs and streamline your network management with MPLS IP-VPN service from XO Communications. Our intelligent MPLS IP-VPN service gives your multi-location business a secure, cost-effective MPLS-enabled Wide Area Network (WAN) solution that provides the superior network performance your business demands.

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  • What you can expect from XO MPLS IP-VPN Service:

  • Better Performance & Efficiencies

    • Secure network communications-your data is always separate from other customers' and the public Internet
    • Connect key locations locally, nationwide, or internationally
    • Smarter utilization of your existing bandwidth with network visibility tools
    • Prioritize applications and traffic according to the level of importance you assign
    • Integrate XO Hosted Security for a uniform, network-based security that reduces capital outlays
    • Converge standalone voice, video and data networks onto a single IP network
    • Quality of Service (QoS) guarantees

    Streamlined Network Management

    • Network access for multiple types of end users including remote employees, partners and customers
    • Integrate XO Application Performance Management (APM) service for in-depth network visibility
    • Custom management levels, including full management and options for customer premises equipment (CPE)
    • Simplified billing with one optional flat rate for Class of Service (CoS)

    Cost-effective and flexible

    • Maximize bandwidth utilization at a single flat rate with no restrictions on traffic mix
    • Leverage your existing infrastructure without the need for additional equipment expenses
    • Run VoIP and data applications over the same circuits
    • Scalable bandwidth from DS1 to 10 Gbps
    • Easily create a full mesh network
    • Integrate the Bandwith on Demand (BoD) feature for more cost effective and scalable connectivity