• Centralized, Affordable Cloud Security Services

    Protect your infrastructure and shield your applications from being compromised or disrupted by security threats with Hosted Security from XO. A fully managed suite of network-based security functionality, Hosted Security from XO is affordable and easy to use. XO integrates this Security-as-a-Service offering with your XO service so that you can centralize network security controls and policies.

    Engineered and supported 24x7 through a certified security partner, XO Hosted Security combines the industry's top-ranked Unified Threat Management platform with multi-threat security services. A unified security intelligence system gives your network security professionals instant access to the management reports they need in a centralized location. The XO Hosted Security offering is fully integrated with XO MPLS IP-VPN, creating an end-to-end networking and managed security solution for all of your designated locations and users—through a single provider on one invoice.

    XO Hosted Security offers business cloud security services that will help you to:

    • Maintain highly secure connections
    • Tailor your enterprise cloud security to meet your business’ specific needs, by implementing customized security rules
    • Identify and deflect Internet-based attacks to your company’s private network or Internet connection
    • Mitigate the risk of Internet hackers, malware or other malicious programs from compromising your company’s intellectual property, critical business applications or Internet connection
  • Which Solution is Right for You?

    Let our experts create a custom solution to meet your business needs.


  • XO Hosted Security Benefits

    • Get greater security protections without additional capital expenses or staff
    • Centralize control and management of data security policies
    • Share internet bandwidth across all IP-VPN locations to reduce Internet access costs*
    • Modify Internet bandwidth throughout the IP-VPN without making physical changes on security devices or appliances *
    • Quickly scale intranet access as your distributed workforce needs change*
    • Ensure business continuity with high availability and optional failover with geo-redundancy*
    • Rely on strong network security without negatively impacting your XO IP-VPN private WAN service or Internet connection

    XO Hosted Security Features

    • Next-Gen Network Firewall Protection with Unified Threat Management
      • Built on the industry's top ranked Unified Threat Management platform
      • Provides stateful packet inspection of Internet traffic
      • Discerns legitimate packets for different types of connections
    • Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (IDS/IPS)
      • Safeguards your private WAN from general or targeted attacks
      • Monitors for anomalous data, generating alerts if unauthorized data packets are found
    • Web and Content Filtering
      • Keeps users out of company-prohibited websites
      • Lets you custom-design lists that allow/deny access based on company policies and best-use practices
    • Secure Remote Access*
      • Allows authorized users to access your corporate network from anywhere
      • Provides network authentication, grants access and maintains security privileges for remote connections
    • Off-Net Connectivity*
      • Maintains an off-net connection between a specific location and the Network Firewall
      • Ensures data integrity by encrypting all data stream packets
    • Security Threat Intelligence and Management
      • Offers security services consulting to help you design the right solution
      • Monitors Internet-based data traffic from industry-leading Security Operations Centers, 24x7x365
      • Leverages proprietary, industry-leading security intelligence databases along with an expert team of security threat analysts
      • Optimizes your connections and bandwidth by blocking unwanted traffic, ensuring that your Internet connection is being used for legitimate business purposes
      • Eliminates the need to buy or manage multiple security devices for each location

    *Availability depends on network design

  • Hosted Security