• Successful Small Businesses Start With XO

    As a small business owner, time is your most valuable commodity. XO’s Small Business Services help save you time through a seamless telecom spend and experience. Our services are built to help you maintain the speed and efficiency you need to keep your business running smoothly today, and are also flexible and agile enough to enable you to think big as it grows.


    • Maximum coverage, performance, and scalability on our nationwide network
    • All the services you want one one predictable monthly price all on one bill
    • Award winning services and solutions built around your unique needs
    • Services that work together to help you overcome the challenges your business faces
    • Expertise and real-world industry know how to help navigate the specific requirements of your field
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  • Think Big with XO's Business Services

    Hosted PBX Silver Lining

    Hosted PBX

    XO Hosted PBX puts everything in the cloud, so there is less to manage, and because it's future-proof you don't have to worry about upgrades.  Further, you'll experience superior HD voice call quality with service managed over the XO Tier 1 nationwide network, and VoIP management expertise that helped make us the top business VoIP provider in the nation serving nearly two million business VoIP users.

    Why Switch to XO Hosted PBX

    • Future-proof and disaster-proof your infrastructure &
    • Lower equipment overhead & operational costs
    • Predictable pay-per-seat pricing makes it easy to scale as you grow
    • Focus IT resources on your core business, not your phone system
    • Single provider for end-to-end service monitoring & troubleshooting

    XO Hosted PBX End-to-End Solution Includes:

    • IP Telephony and unified communications applications
    • Free local and site-to-site calling within the organization
    • Competitive corporate long distance calling plans for calls outside the network
    • Enterprise-wide HD voice
    • Mobility capabilities for on-the-go employees
    • Choice of IP phone sets from 

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     WorkTime Mobile App awards-leading-lights-2014

    XO WorkTime is an award-winning ( 2014 Leading Lights Winner ) dual-persona mobile VoIP app that employees can download easily to their personal smartphone and computers.  Your employees can make or receive calls from their business office number and present a professional image to others when they are working remotely. They  can call, text, video chat, instant message and more using their own preferred devices , yet maintain the privacy of their personal information, apps and numbers.

    Benefits to Your Small Business

    • A BYOD solution that eliminates the headaches and costs of mobile device management
    • Combines business-related voice usage under one plan on one invoice
    • Enhances Business Continuity because transmission to/from the XO WorkTime apps are routed via the XO cloud rather than premise-based equipment
    • Consistent user experience for company-wide Unified Communications
    • Improve employee productivity and moral  by enabling BYOD

    Benefits to Your Employees

    • Takes your office with you. Anywhere. Anytime.
    • Simultaneous ring on desk, personal smart phone, or home computer
    • Presence, IM, and video
    • Free on-net, local, and inbound calls
    • Long distance calls included in company plan, NOT your personal cell plan

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    Expanded Network

    IP Voice (Flex)

    Simplify the management of your voice and data communication services with the integrated award-winning voice over IP services bundle from XO.

    Our IP Voice (Flex) is a converged VoIP solution that helps businesses extend the life of their existing PBXs, take advantage of the benefits of VoIP communications and connect many disparate locations and systems. The simple bundle contains a complete package of communications services for businesses, including local and long distance voice, internet, web hosting,  and business continuity features for voice and data. It is all consolidated on one invoice from a single provider, and is available for a low, flat monthly rate.


    • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)
    • Connect locations across town or nationwide
    • Flexible bandwidth options
    • Unprecedented value
    • Optional unified communications and business continuity features
    • Convenient online feature management

    Our nationwide footprint covers 2700 cities across nearly every state, and our IP Voice (Flex) service is second to none. Here are a few quick facts about our service that you need to know to help your business: 

    • Most widely deployed business-class VoIP Service
    • Leverage existing investments (such as equipment) and keep costs down
    • Flexible port speeds
    • Maximum voice quality

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    Sip Revolution TN

    Enterprise SIP (ESIP) 

    This innovative and award-winning XO solution simplifies and streamlines the management of voice services, and reduces the cost of managing and maintaining local voice lines and equipment at each location across your wide area network (WAN).

    XO Enterprise SIP enables you to leverage the power of a centralized IP-PBX in one or a few primary locations and deliver VoIP services to branch locations using an existing private network or the XO MPLS IP-VPN service.

    With XO Enterprise SIP, you can eliminate multiple phone systems and local voice trunks at every location as well as eliminate the costs of long distance calling between network sites. In addition, you can make your network more cost-effective by dynamically sharing voice calling capacity across the entire enterprise.


    • Simplify, streamline and reduce the costs  -  of managing your voice services across your distributed enterprise
    • Reduce operating costs  - by eliminating local voice trunks, long distance charges between sites and costs of managing separate voice and data networks
    • Increase efficiencies  - by sharing idle voice trunk capacity among locations
    • Deliver Voice over IP services to branch locations
    • Standardize and centralize  - the management of voice services
    • Extensive nationwide availability

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    Networking 10.4.57

    Dedicated Internet Access

    A fast Internet connection that delivers a consistent, positive customer experience can provide a significant competitive advantage.  The network you're connected to must meet your most demanding online business needs with proven, reliable performance.

    Today's businesses depend more and more on reliable access to real-time information and web-based internet applications. With Dedicated Internet Access service, you benefit from business-grade accesses to the internet over the XO Tier 1 nationwide IP network at the fastest speeds possible. Take advantage of high-speed, guaranteed bandwidth to meet your heavy demands for internet access or e-commerce applications. Dedicated Internet Access also provides you with simple, manageable and scalable high-capacity bandwidth choices, multiple access options, robust Service Level Agreements, and web-based monitoring and reporting tools.


    • High-speed Internet service through the XO Tier 1 nationwide IP network
    • Flexible access through fiber, Ethernet and carrier-grade broadband wireless capabilities, and scalable bandwidth options from 1.5 Mbps to 40 Gbps
    • Redundant, reliable IP network infrastructure to ensure availability and Quality of Service
    • Web-based monitoring of bandwidth capacity and reporting tools
    • Complete solution including circuit and equipment ordering, installation, 24 x 7 customer support and proactive network monitoring, and single invoice billing

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    Industry Trends 10.4.28


    Simplify network management, lower operating costs, and accelerate the performance of applications for end users across your wide area network. With high performance MPLS IP-VPN service, you can focus on business applications and spend less time managing your network. 


    • Superior Performance  - with robust Classes of Service that prioritize network traffic according to the level of importance you assign, and outstanding Quality of Service guarantees
    • Cost-Effectiveness  - converge separate voice, video and data networks onto one application-aware IP network and maximize bandwidth utilization
    • Privacy  - completely separate your traffic from the public internet so you confidently share files and data among multiple locations and end users
    • Extensive coverage  - connect local, national and key international locations leveraging the extensive XO network footprint
    • Management  - free up your IT resources and spend more time devoted to your core business

      What You Can Expect From XO MPLS IP VPN Service: 

    • Leverage your existing infrastructure without the need for additional equipment expenses
    • Custom management levels, including full management and options for customer premises equipment (CPE)
    • Network access for multiple types of end users including remote employees, partners and customers
    • Secure network communications-your data is always separate from other customers' and the public Internet
    • Smarter utilization of your existing bandwidth with network visibility tools
    • Prioritize applications and traffic according to the level of importance you assign
    • Quality of Service (QoS) guarantees and much more

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    Communications 10.4.27

    Hosted Security

    Hosted Security is a robust suite of network-based security capabilities that can be easily and cost-effectively deployed to protect your enterprise network, or the Internet connection at one or more of your locations. As part of your organization's overall risk management strategy, Hosted Security helps you prevent unauthorized access to inappropriate web content, and ensure secure use of your organization's corporate IP-VPN network, or the Internet connection at one or more of your locations. XO integrates the fully managed, Security-as-a-Service with your XO private data network service so that you can easily centralize network security controls and policies. 


    • Get greater security protections without additional capital expenses or staff
    • Centralize control and management of data security policies
    • Share internet bandwidth across all IP-VPN locations to reduce Internet access costs*
    • Modify Internet bandwidth throughout the IP-VPN without making physical changes on security devices or appliances *
    • Quickly scale intranet access as your distributed workforce needs change*
    • Ensure business continuity with high availability and optional failover with geo-redundancy*
    • Rely on strong network security without negatively impacting your XO IP-VPN private WAN service or Internet connection

    Network Security in the Cloud

    With Hosted Security, your organization eliminates the need to buy and manage premises-based security  devices and appliances. Instead, you control company-wide data security standards - and XO security experts monitor and manage the authorized use of your unique and specific security policies.

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    Secure, controlled space and network access for your servers, which facilitates faster, more cost-effective interconnection.

    Industry Trends 10.4.23 XO Colocation provides you:

    • Switched and dedicated access to transport facilities via cost-effective, high-capacity metropolitan and long-haul XO network facilities
    • Great performance and reliability, while reducing your total operating costs
    • XO provides and installs cabinets and cages. Cages come complete with locking door and ladder racking above. Cabinets come with fans and locking doors. Installation is charged per cabinet or cage space. Power is sold separately.
    • Direct access to the XO network and services.

    Features & Benefits

    • Colocation facilities with customized design, expedient implementation, AC or DC power, back-up power supplies, temperature and humidity controls, and fire suppression systems
    • Large nationwide footprint with locations in prime metropolitan areas
    • 24x7 Technical Services available on a time-used basis to support your equipment
    • 24x7 on-site physical security, including motion detectors, security cameras, individually locking cabinets and cages and card-key access in select locations
    • 24x7 monitoring of network services
    • 24-hour access (with security escort where necessary)
    • Direct access to the XO multi-terabit backbone network

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