• Ensuring Positive and Consistent Customer Experience

    In the highly competitive industry of retail, customer experience matters most. Retail companies must provide a consistently positive customer experience across multiple channels—such as the storefront, online, and call centers—while being operationally efficient. With competition growing increasingly fierce, there’s no room for error—especially when it comes to the technology that powers the day-to-day operations of a retail business.

    Why XO for Retail?

    XO technology solutions can help connect hundreds of stores nationwide and simplify the management of communications, networking and security. If you want to improve your responsiveness to customers, or find ways to be more efficient, XO has secure, reliable solutions that are helping change the face of retail.

    With XO, you get the benefit of technology professionals that know how to help retailers think strategically … and act tactically. XO can provide flexible, resilient and unified network solutions to reduce business risk, decrease unnecessary costs; and improve responsiveness and customer experience.

    Let us help you:

    • Power both the back-office and the sales floor with our comprehensive portfolio of communications, network, security, and hosted IT services
    • Gain operational efficiencies and reduce costs with converged voice, data and security—a solution that eliminates unnecessary equipment and duplicative network services
    • Attract and retain customers with a robust contact center platform that helps you get customers the answers and information they need when they need it
    • Enhance your online storefront and provide a rich customer experience with robust hosting infrastructure
    • Eliminate network bottlenecks for faster processing of financial transactions with a more intelligent network.
    • Bring stores online faster with XO hosted services that enable you to be more agile and responsive to business demands.
  • Which Solution is Right for You?

    Let our experts create a custom solution to meet your business needs.


  • Featured Services

    Intelligent WAN: XO can build an intelligent network solution that delivers the performance, security and visibility your network needs.
    SIP Trunking: Built on the foundation of your existing IP-PBX system, SIP Trunking lets you enjoy the benefits of unified communications. By bringing together your data, voice and Internet over your IP connection, you can increase productivity, reduce costs and improve network capacity.
    Hosted PBX: Managed over the XO's own private Tier 1 nationwide network, XO Hosted PBX gives you superb VoIP call quality while simultaneously reducing your initial and ongoing costs.  Hosted PBX lets you future-proof your infrastructure by ensuring you always have the most current features and functionality available-without the headaches or costs typically associated with upgrades.
    Integrated Voice & Data: For a reliable, scalable, easy-to-manage VoIP and data bundle that integrates all of your voice and data communications across locations choose Integrated Voice and Data services from XO. More than 1.3 million customers rely on business-grade VoIP services from XO to help their businesses manage costs and improve communication and collaboration.
    Hosted Security: A fully managed suite of network-based security functionality, Hosted Security from XO offers an end-to-end security solution that is affordable and easy to use. Hosted Security lets you protect your infrastructure and applications from security threats, while centralizing network security controls and policies from across your network.
    Contact Center & IVR: Improve customer service quality, reduce costs and increase productivity with Cloud Voice services from XO. Develop and deploy global contact center solutions in days, not weeks or months. Leverage the power of IVR to get customers the information they need, faster and more efficiently. Choose the services your business needs and scale up or down for changing demands and resources.
    Cloud-Based Services: Our solutions can help your company be more efficient, agile, and secure.  See how our Cloud services work together to make solutions that can help you overcome your challenges and achieve your objectives with a flexible and scalable cloud-based IT infrastructure, VoIP, and network security services.