• Unify Your Company and Operate More Efficiently with the Right VoIP Solution

    Bringing your employees and offices together with the right communications technology can be very challenging. Each network is unique, and businesses have different needs and objectives when it comes to finding the best VoIP solution to unifying employees, customer, and suppliers in terms of technology, administration, and cost.

    XO can help you to converge voice and data services. Bring your network infrastructure up-to-date, reduce costs, and simplify management—with an intelligent, tailored approach built around your needs. XO looks at your existing infrastructure and combines it with new technology. This approach allows you to get the most out of your current hardware, while adding the best offerings from new technology.

    Working on the Go

    With the new cloud-based mobility and Unified Communications application called WorkTime, you can securely integrate your company’s XO VoIP, SIP trunking or Hosted PBX services with employees’ personal smartphones and computers. WorkTime empowers your employees to innovate, collaborate, and be more productive wherever they go, regardless of device. They can select their preferred method of communication from a range of options like IM, text and more—present a consistent work number and presence to others, and use the company calling plan. 

  • Which Solution is Right for You?

    Let our experts create a custom solution to meet your business needs.


  • XO can also help you cut costs by:

    • Simplifying the management of your communications and network infrastructure;
    • Upgrading your technology
    • Extending your XOVoIP network to smartphones and other mobile devices to reduce costs
    • Providing Integrated, cloud-based Unified Communications that employees can use on their own mobile devices, eliminating the need for mobile device management
    • Utilizing the cost saving benefits of a completely hosted VoIP solution or a centralized SIP trunking solution that reduces the need for PBX equipment.

    Let us help you design and implement the right VoIP solution that can help you:

    • Simplify your communications and save money by eliminating unnecessary and disparate equipment types and network costs
    • Increase efficiencies while delivering better features and functionality to employees by converging voice and data services over a single network.
    • Communicate better and less expensively with an entirely cloud-based platform that offers the latest in VoIP technology and eliminates capital purchases.
    • Leverage your existing infrastructure to deliver VoIP services today while creating a pathway to migrate completely to an all IP infrastructure when you are ready.
  • Services

    Built on the foundation of your existing IP-PBX system, SIP Trunking lets you enjoy the benefits of unified communications. By bringing together your data, voice and Internet over your IP connection, you can increase productivity, reduce costs and improve network capacity.

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    Managed over the XO private Tier 1 nationwide network, XO Hosted PBX gives you superb VoIP call quality while simultaneously reducing your initial and ongoing costs.  Hosted PBX lets you future-proof your infrastructure by ensuring you always have the most current features and functionality available-without the headaches or costs typically associated with upgrades.

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    For a reliable, scalable, easy-to-manage VoIP and data bundle that integrates all of your voice and data communications across locations choose Integrated Voice and Data services from XO Communications. More than 1.5 million customers rely on our business-grade VoIP services to help their businesses manage costs and improve communication and collaboration.

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    Enable employees to communicate across multiple mobile devices while reducing costs and eliminating mobile device management headaches.

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