• Speed Up the Performance of Your Applications

    In today’s challenging economic environment, businesses must find ways to make more efficient use of existing IT and network infrastructure and analyze performance while delivering applications at the fastest speeds possible.

    With XO, you can prioritize traffic on your wide area network, and gain the live intelligence and visibility you need in order to make informed decisions vital to its performance. XO has the first 100G nationwide network, with the ability to move massive amounts of traffic at the fastest commercial speeds possible. The XO hosting infrastructure can help accelerate the performance of your website, applications and online video content.

    With XO, you can:

    • Prioritize mission-critical network traffic—like VoIP and transactions—above all other traffic
    • Support online trading platforms that require low-latency network transport and routes
    • Gain efficiencies and make better use of bandwidth by increasing visibility into traffic flows across your network
    • Deliver online videos faster and improve website performance by intelligently distributing web content across the XO network
  • Which Solution is Right for You?

    Let our experts create a custom solution to meet your business needs.


  • Services to Help Accelerate Performance

    Wavelengths:  Whether you're supporting real-time video, disaster recovery or near real-time transaction processing, XO Wavelength Service offers an ideal solution for bandwidth-intensive applications. With easy implementation and nationwide coverage, XO Wavelength is a reliable, high-capacity, fully-managed networking solution that supports a range of high-bandwidth applications.
    MPLS IP-VPN:  Give your multi-location business a reliable, cost-effective MPLS-enabled intelligent Wide Area Network (WAN) solution with MPLS IP-VPN from XO Communications. Our MPLS IP-VPN service helps simplify network management tasks, while simultaneously reducing your costs and improving the performance of your applications. XO MPLS IP-VPN service provides secure network communications that let you confidently connect with your locations across town or across the globe.
    Applications Performance Management:  Make better use of your existing infrastructure, take full advantage of your WAN investments across locations and control your network and applications across the enterprise with Applications Performance Management tools from XO Communications.
    Web Hosting:  From a simple website to complex applications, you can count on Web Hosting services from XO. Our business web hosting service provides the hardware, software, network connections, data centers and customer support your business demands, and can handle all of your web, email and DNS needs.