Virtual Hold

  • Respect your customer’s time and save money when doing it!  When you place your customers on hold, everyone loses.   The customer’s temperature rises as they feel you don’t care about their time; you’re also spending money unnecessarily on ACD licenses, toll free usage, network capacity and possibly even overstaff your contact center to lessen your average hold time.   With Virtual Hold as a Service, you remedy this – all while leveraging your existing ACD investment. 

    What Makes XO Different

    Patented First In, First Out (FIFO) call-handling method that maintains the integrity of queue logic and routing strategies to provide fair, courteous treatment to your customers.

    • Platform independence that provides investment protection for its customers since it does not prohibit customers from switching their technology infrastructure.
    • Business Rules Engine to customize and automatically modify the customer’s experience based on real-time queue conditions and statistics.
    • Deep analytics capabilities that offer actionable business intelligence for call center executives aiming to provide high-touch experiences for their customers when demand suddenly overwhelms contact center resources.
    • Clear market leadership through numerous queue management and callback patents.
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  • Benefits of Virtual Hold as a Service:

    • Use your existing ACD
    • Lowers spend on toll free and network capacity
    • Lowers spend on ACD licenses and resulting maintenance contracts
    • Lowers spend on extra customer service reps
    • Shows respect for your customers' time
    • Makes for faster interactions
    • Only pay when the solution is used


    • SaaS (Software as a Service) - no capital expenditures for hardware or software required. 
    • Multi-Channel (voice, web, mobile)
    • 24/7/365 customer support for all users.
    • Comprehensive reporting and auditing tools.
    • Backed by the XO Network that has the capacity to deliver millions of calls per week, nationwide.


    • Works with Cisco, Aspect, Avaya and Genesys ACDs 
    • Real time reporting
    • Historical reporting