SIP Interoperable IP PBXs

  • IP PBXs XO Lab-Certified for Interoperability with XO SIP

    XO lab certification assures businesses that XO SIP and an IP PBX work together seamlessly. IP PBXs from the following manufacturers have undergone XO’s rigorous lab-testing and certification process to ensure optimal performance when using the IP PBX with XO SIP.

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  • Notwithstanding successful lab testing with respect to the compatibility and operability of Customer's PBX configuration, XO makes no representations or warranties of any kind regarding the impact that such configuration will have on Customer's business requirements or interoperability with Customer’s other systems. It is the sole responsibility of Customer and Customer's PBX vendor to ensure that the phone equipment is set up to accept XO Service and that the PBX configuration is suitable to satisfy Customer's business requirements.