• Local Voice Services Tailored to Meet Your Business’ Needs

    Offering coverage in more than 85 major metropolitan markets, XO Communications local voice services can meet your business needs—whether you have a single location or multiple offices across the country. Our reliable, competitively priced local voice services can be tailored to meet your business needs today and in the future. Use XO’s basic phone service, or combine with an XO Long Distance plan and other services to enjoy increased savings and single-bill convenience.

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  • Standard Features

    XO Communications local voice services include a wide range of features:

    • Productivity-enhancing features
      • Call forwarding
      • Call waiting
      • Three-way calling
      • Direct inward dialing (DID)
      • Speed calling
      • Hunting
    • Voice messaging
      • Let customers communicate with you even when you aren't available
    • Directory assistance
      • Local & national available for one low rate
      • International available  at a low rate per call
    • Operator services
      • Calling card/credit card calling
      • Collect calls
      • Third number billing services