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    We Can help. XO Hosted PBX is cloud-based, so there is less to manage and far less to lose from natural disasters, cut cables, or malicious intruders. And because it's future-proof you never have to worry about upgrades. Plus, you'll experience superior HD voice call quality with service managed over the XO Tier 1 nationwide network.

    You'll get VoIP management expertise that helped make us the top business VoIP provider in the nation serving nearly two million business VoIP users.

  • Would you like to: 

    ✔ Disaster-proof your communications and be worry-free?
    ✔ Protect your data with carrier-grade security and reliability?
    ✔ Manage your PBX with centralized control and turn on new sites and employees quickly?
    ✔ Have predictable monthly costs, and eliminate capital expenditures and redundant systems?

  • "We did cost analysis. We looked at the TCO over three and five years. And ultimately the hosted model worked for us. The Hosted PBX solution takes all the internal management and maintenance out of the equation. All we need to do is focus on our business. It's been a fantastic experience working with the XO team. Everything went very smoothly." 

    Richard Matist, IT Director, Fedcap Rehabilitation Services, Inc.

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  • Why Switch to XO Hosted PBX

    ✓ Future-proof and disaster-proof your infrastructure
    ✓ Lower equipment overhead & operational costs
    ✓ Predictable pay-per-seat pricing makes it easy to scale as you grow
    ✓ Focus IT resources on your core business, not your phone system
    ✓ Single provider for end-to-end service monitoring & troubleshooting

    Hosted Communications: 10 Ways Hosted PBX Can Benefit Your Business

    WP TN Hosted Comm Download our free 14-page guide: Hosted Communications: 10 Ways Hosted PBX Can Benefit Your Business and discover just what hosted telephony can do for you and your employees. Benefits include:

    • Freedom from costly, inflexible infrastructure
    • Reduced complexity and easier management
    • The chance to move from CAPEX to OPEX
    • More robust business continuity
    • The ability to scale to meet the needs of your business