IP Flex with VPN

  • Converged Voice, Data and Internet Access Across Multiple Sites

    For multi-location businesses that require private networks to connect all of their operations and provide voice, data and Internet access, XO IP Flex with VPN is the perfect solution. XO IP Flex with VPN offers VoIP, data networking, and Internet services on a secure, private network with Class of Service capabilities at speeds from 1.5 Mbps to 100 Mbps.

    The simple pricing of XO IP Flex with VPN lets you select the port speed, calling plan and features that best fit your business needs. Experience a flexible, intelligent, managed network-based solution that provides faster application performance and lower network operating costs than traditional wide area networking services, all while getting more bandwidth for your budget.

  • XO IP Flex with VPN Benefits

    • Cost-Effective  
      • One network platform for all voice, data and application traffic
      • Unlimited site-to-site calling within your company network
      • Better bandwidth utilization
    • Intelligent Networking
      • Smart, secure communications for multi-site networks
      • Priority-based application routing with four Class of Service option
      • Distinguish traffic types with separate IP-VPNs on one network
    • Managed
      • Custom management levels include Managed Router  option
      • XO configures, deploys, and manages CPE at each of your network sites
      • Optional managed security for Internet access
    • Flexible
      • Web-based portal lets admins manage feature
      • A range of long-distance calling plans including options for international calling and toll-free numbers
      • XO IP Flex is available in a variety of port speeds from 1.5 Mbps to 20 Mbps.
      • Any-to-any, fully-meshed topology
      • Work from anywhere by adding the XO WorkTime  Mobile VoIP App
      • Redirect calls to an alternate number in an emergency by adding Automatic Call Routing


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  • Standard Features

    Voice Features

    • Unlimited calls:   Unlimited local calling and unlimited FREE site-to-site calling between your XO IP Flex, XO IP Flex with VPN, or and XO SIP locations
    • One Toll-free number:  Make it easier for customers to get in touch
    • Variety of Calling plan options
    • Robust voice call features: 
      • Caller ID name, number, or line block
      • Call waiting, call forwarding and call return 
      • Three-way calling
      • Voicemail to email
      • Call hold, pick-up and transfer
      • Last number redial
      • Do not disturb
      • Call acceptance and rejection options
    • Call management features: 
      • Inbound call routing
      • Hunt groups (sequential, circular, uniform, simultaneous)
      • Direct inward dialing extensions (DIDs)
      • Direct outward dialing (DOD) and 2-way DID trunks
    • Easy administration: Make changes to your voice features through XO's web-based online feature management portal

    Data Features

    • Dedicated Internet access:  Reliable, high-speed connectivity and guaranteed bandwidth
    • Web basics hosting package: Create a website and send/receive email.  Complimentary junk mail and virus filtering included

    Optional Features

    • XO WorkTime  Mobile VoIP app that lets you work from anywhere as if you were in the office
    • Auto attendant: Field calls and deliver them to the right destination
    • Business call center:  Easily set up technical assistance lines, customer support numbers, or order-taking centers
    • Voice Virtual Private Network (VPN): Configure private dial plans for on-net call routing across multiple locations
    • Automatic call routing: Ensure business continuity by automatically redirecting an incoming call to an alternate number
    • Verified and non-verified account codes: Keep tabs on long-distance charges while offering flexible calling options
    • Additional voice features:
      • Additional DIDs in blocks of 20 and 100
      • Additional toll-free numbers
      • Conferencing services
      • Directory assistance
      • International outbound calling
    • Advanced web hosting plans:  Packages that scale to meet your growing needs