WorkTime Mobile App

  • Get Your Office Phone on Your Mobile Phone and Reduce Mobile Costs by as Much as 45% 

  • BYOD is here to stay. According to IDC, almost 80 percent of professionals in 2014 will be using at least two devices to access corporate systems and data.  If you’re like most companies, you’re struggling to balance employees’ desire to use the devices and carriers THEY want with YOUR need to maintain control over corporate data.

    Empower your employees to innovate, collaborate, and be more productive wherever they go 
    XO WorkTime is a mobile VoIP app that integrates your company’s XO VoIP service with employees’ personal smartphones and laptops.  It’s a secure bring your own device solution that standardizes IP telephony across your business and enables mobile unified communications.  

    Securely separate work and personal Information  
    XO WorkTime is a dual-persona mobile VoIP app that employees can download easily to their personal smartphone and computers.  Your employees can make or receive calls from their business office number and present a professional image to others when they are working remotely. They can call, text, video chat, instant message and more using their own preferred devices, yet maintain the privacy of their personal information, apps and numbers.

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  • Benefits to Your Business


    • A BYOD solution  that eliminates the headaches and costs of mobile device management
    • Combines business-related voice usage under one plan on one invoice
    • Enhances Business Continuity  because transmission to/from the XO WorkTime apps are routed via the XO cloud rather than premise-based equipment
    • Consistent user experience for company-wide Unified Communications
    • Improve employee productivity and moral  by enabling BYOD


    Benefits to Your Employees


    • Takes your office with you. Anywhere. Anytime.
    • Simultaneous ring on desk, personal smart phone, or home computer
    • Presence, IM, and video
    • Free on-net, local, and inbound calls
    • Long distance calls included in company plan, NOT your personal cell plan

    How to Get XO WorkTime


    The XO WorkTime mobile VoIP app feature is available with the following XO VoIP services:

  • *No minimum term required for WorkTime licenses. Must have XO IP-Flex, XO IP-Flex with VPN, XO SIP, XO Enterprise SIP, and XO Hosted PBX. Adding XO WorkTime does not change the terms or conditions of the base service. Each XO WorkTime device license gets 5,000 free SMS text messages per month. Additional SMS messages beyond 5,000 will be charged at US $0.25 per message. For customers that need to order a base VoIP service, XO is not responsible for implementation delays caused by the customer and/or third parties such as the LECs.