• Increase Your Reach and Market Coverage with Wholesale Ethernet Hub Service

    Reach more customers and extend your market coverage with Wholesale Ethernet Hub service. Domestic and international carriers can use a single connection to plug into the XO nationwide network, then fan out lower bandwidth connections in a point-to-multipoint configuration that includes locations across the United States. Wholesale Ethernet Hub service can be configured for DS-1, or Ethernet end links. Access the XO expansive fiber footprint as well as off-fiber XO access that includes Ethernet over Copper (EoC), Serial (EoS), or fixed wireless reach nationwide. 

    Wholesale Ethernet Hub Service is ideal if you are:

    • An international carrier that wants to extend its U.S. network coverage
    • A mobile wireless company that needs to rapidly expand network capacity
    • A telecommunications carrier that requires primary or redundant network solutions to support dispersed end-user data traffic
    • An Internet Service Provider (ISP) that needs to aggregate traffic nationwide through a single network hand-off
    • XO is MEF certified
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  • Wholesale Ethernet Hub Benefits

    • Expanded sales footprint
    • Reduced costs
      • Expand your network capacity and reach on demand using a protocol-agnostic platform
      • Avoid capital costs such as POP and colocation infrastructure by accessing the XO nationwide network
      • Obtain more competitive pricing through XO metro assets and extensive interconnection agreements
    • Simplified management
      • Eliminate the need for protocol conversions between European and U.S. communications standards
      • Prevent VLAN tag conflicts by using VLAN stacking to separate your traffic and quality settings
      • Aggregate circuits into a single hand-off at a centralized location with multiple bandwidth options
      • Gain a managed order process that includes consolidated management of multiple Type II providers and end-to-end network service provisioning
      • Avoid having to manage multiple Type II vendors 
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