• Securely Transmit Time-Sensitive and Bandwidth-Intensive Applications

    Provide your customers with high-speed, dedicated, full-duplex connectivity for bandwidth-consuming data and video applications. Wholesale Private Line service lets you transport your customers’ private and business-critical information across your network—whether coast-to-coast or across town—at bandwidths ranging from 1.5 Mbps to 100G.

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  • Wholesale Private Line Benefits

  • Unparalleled performance

    • Speed up the transmission of your customers' data and video applications so they don't experience delays, and without having to change your existing routing platform
    • Benefit from 100% network availability
    • Get great customer support with proactive, 24x7 network management and monitoring, and a single point of contact
    • Gain peace of mind with network protection and recovery within milliseconds because of advanced, self-healing network architecture 

    Wholesale-friendly features

    • Access the extensive XO nationwide network  that spans more than 1.6 million fiber miles to more than 85 cities
    • Enjoy consolidated voice and data billing
    • Gain flexible market and Central Office-level pricing, and choose from a range of contract terms
    • Prequalify locations, obtain price quotes, and submit and track orders through a secure, online portal
    • Benefit from competitive Service Level Agreements (SLAs)


    Optional custom-designed features

    • Select from a variety of configurations that may include long haul and local circuits; InterLATA, IntraLATA, and Interstate; in point-to-point or multipoint 
    • Choose DS-1, DS-3,OC-n or Ethernet bandwidth capacity up to 100G
    • Interconnect using your colocation of network equipment within XO POP locations or point-to-point private line DS-3 / OC-n mux configuration
    • Extend your private line to reach international locations