• Maintain Local Calling to Virtual Offices From Multiple Area Codes

    Wholesale VoIP Origination service is ideal for providers of Internet, VoIP and IP Fax services that  want to  receive local telephone calls from customers at one or multiple remote markets without having to maintain offices in those markets.  Avoid the capital expenses of having to build physical Points of Presence (POPs) in different markets, yet still get incoming calls from new customers in those areas who can facilitate your business growth.  XO provides reliable wholesale VoIP service over our own Tier 1 multi-terabit IP and transport networks.

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  • How Wholesale VoIP Origination Works

    Order as many as 500 phone numbers for any given market. You can provision the local numbers using the XO Enhanced Service Provider Interface (ESPI) portal. Since the numbers are local to XO markets, your incoming calls route over the award-winning XO VoIP network .  The Direct Inward Dialing (DID) numbers perform like local telephone numbers.
  • More Wholesale VoIP Origination Benefits

    • Keep your local telephone numbers, with few restrictions 
    • Reduce and control costs
      • Reduce the need to pay for toll-free number usage 
      • Manage rates and usage because of  predictable monthly pricing
      • Eliminate the capital expense associated with building a physical POP 
    • Reliable interconnections 
      • SIP private Session Border Controller access
      • SIP Dedicated Internet Access into the XO IP network
      • SIP public Internet or "bring your own" Internet access 
      • DS-1 or DS-3 access