• Securely transmit data between locations, without compromising any of your data with Wholesale VPN service from XO.

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  • Meet the demand for greater network performance with Wholesale MPLS IP-VPN service from XO. Secure, cost-effective and flexible, XO's Wholesale MPLS IP-VPN is an application-aware, network-based WAN solution that maximizes application performance while transporting IP data among multiple locations. Enhance network performance while simultaneously reducing multi-location costs with Wholesale MPLS IP-VPN service from XO.

  • Combine the power and resiliency of MPLS technology with the ease of use of Ethernet technology and you have Wholesale Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS) from XO. A Layer 2-based service that builds on an MPLS core architecture, XO's Wholesale VPLS creates a virtual LAN environment where all interconnected LANs appear to the customer as a single, bridged LAN. Support your customers’ mission critical applications and multi-site connectivity needs with XO's Wholesale VPLS.