• Multi-Site Connectivity over Ethernet Technology

    Ideally suited for multi-site to multi-site connectivity, Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS) from XO is a Layer 2-based service running on Ethernet technology. Built upon MPLS-based core architecture, XO's Wholesale VPLS facilitates a virtual LAN environment where all interconnected LANs appear to the customer as a single, bridged LAN. With VPLS, you’re able to support your customers’ mission-critical applications and multi-site connectivity leveraging Ethernet technology. 

    XO's Wholesale VPLS offers four optional classes of service (CoS), all available for one price. Service level agreements cover all critical elements—like latency, packet delivery, jitter and availability—and  vary based on the selected class of service.

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  • Wholesale VPLS Benefits

    • Value-added services
      • DIA  and MPLS IP-VPN  services can be included at no additional cost
    • Superior performance and Security
      • Includes private-line-quality traffic performance SLAs, even without CoS
      • Customers control their own routing over the XO network
      • Privacy - data is segregated
    • Extensive Ethernet reach
      • Offers the widest VPLS coverage of any provider
      • Leverages the XO industry-leading Ethernet over Copper (EoC), Ethernet over Seriel (EoS) and Fixed Broadband Wireless Access


  • How Wholesale VPLS Works

    By leveraging the XO nationwide fiber network, combined with the widest off-net Ethernet coverage available today, XO Wholesale VPLS provides a reliable, extremely affordable solution for connecting multi-site locations. 

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